Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Paper is a part of our everyday lives, but one thing people often don’t think about is how their paper choices can still support sustainability. To be more sustainable, it’s not just about using less paper, it’s also about using the  righ t paper.

Paper is made from renewable resources, recyclable and produced by an environmentally-conscious industry whose future depends on planting more trees than it consumes and which is progressively improving standards in the whole supply chain.

Virgin paper can be recycled 6-8 times until the fibres get too short. Because the fibres shorten after each recycling the paper supply chain will always need virgin stock to make good paper.

Using recycled fibre reduces the dependency on commercial forestry as a source for raw materials, and this encourages further forestry growth, thereby increasing natures process of carbon absorption, and creates capacity for the growing alternative demands on forestry and forestry products. Recycling paper also reduces waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

When thinking about environmentally friendly packaging for my soaps, I liked the idea of making my own paper and bought a starter paper making kit. I can recommend checking out www.pulpitations.co.uk.

Taking waste shredded office paper, pieces of coloured tissue paper and dried flower petals I recycle all this into handmade paper, adding seeds from my garden along the way.

So rather than throw away the wrapper, why not try planting it in some damp soil and wait for the flowers to grow!

Waste paper, seeds and a bit of inspiration

Look in my shop descriptions for the soaps to see which ones are specially packed in my handmade seeded paper. I use lavender seeds, ‘flowers for butterflies and bees’ seed mix, herb seeds and as well as some other flower seeds I collect from the garden. These make great gifts for gardeners.

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