How to plant seeded paper

February onwards is a good time to start sowing.

1.Tear the paper into pieces and lay on top of a tray or damp seed compost.

2. Water well and place the inside a large plastic bag or propagator and leave on a warm and sunny windowsill.

3. Check regularly and water if needed - do not let the paper dry out.

4. When the seedling start to germinate and are established, prick out and plant on into bigger pots.

5.Plant out in the garden when big enough and no fear of frosts.

6. Enjoy watching them grow!

Look in my shop descriptions for the soaps to see which ones are specially packed in my handmade seeded paper. I use lavender seeds, ‘flowers for butterflies and bees’ seed mix, 'cottae garden mix', herb seeds and as well as some other flower seeds I collect from the garden. These make great gifts for gardeners.

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