Soap making and sanity - part one

Rose Clay - one of my first recipes

The question most people ask me is how did I get into making soap.

It all started last April when with four adults in the house all using different shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, plus liquid soap, the bathroom shelves were straining under the weight and I began to think about the number of plastic bottles we used.

I started researching solid alternatives and came across some interesting handmade recipes for toiletries. Soon I was reading up on the different process methods and found a whole world of homemade soap and toiletry making. A good tip for any new hobby is to read, read, read.

The other thing I discovered was the number of different ingredients used in commercial soaps. For something that is used for cleaning, some ingredients were not very ‘clean’ and products contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, SLS and SLES. By making my own I would have control over the ingredients and keep it simple and as natural as possible. Plus there is the certain satisfaction about making something from scratch.

I took some of my first batch of hand soaps on our summer holiday to France, a country well known for its soap making. Our hosts tried it and were very enthusiastic and said that I should start selling it. Great compliments for a beginner.

Of course there is a limit to how much soap you need for personal use but once you get hooked on soap-making, you want to keep on experimenting and make more and then you really need an outlet………

.Part 2 coming soon.

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