Soap making and Sanity - Part Two

setting out my stall

What started out as a hobby, quickly moved to a much bigger project with a deadline when I was asked if I would have a stall at the local Christmas Fayre. This is where the insanity may have crept in but I do like a challenge. In order to sell to the public or even give away as Christmas gifts to friends and family, I now needed to get my soap recipes safety certified, register as a responsible person on the EU database, plus lots more work involved, make more soap, branding, pricing and packaging to name but a few. Lots more reading up. It certainly kept me focused for the next few months and with the help of the family, I managed to be ready a week ahead of schedule. This was especially satisfying as each batch of soap bars takes at least 4 weeks to cure and harden and safety assessments can take several weeks. I was very lucky in the Cosmetic Safety Assessor I used. She was very efficient and helpful and completed them within two weeks before she went on holiday.

Whilst I was late getting booked up for more fairs last Christmas, feedback on the two I did and from friends has been very positive. One thing that most people who have tried the soap say, is how well it lathers and how moisturising it feels on their skin. This is because of the fats I use - olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter - and the traditional cold process method which uses lyle to saponify the fat and naturally produces glycerin. I can’t given away my recipe but I add the oils and butters at a level which means they are not all used up in saponification leaving a portion remaining, adding to the super moisturising and emollient qualities.

The next stage of the journey is to attend more craft fairs and have fun on the way.

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